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How His "Kidnapped" Differs From the Movie Steven Spielberg Had In Mind: Marco Bellocchio

The drama “Kidnapped,” directed by Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, recreates the actual story of Edgardo Mortara, a young Jewish child who was abducted and forcefully reared as a Christian in nineteenth-century Italy.

Steven Spielberg had his eye on this tale after declaring in 2016 that he would film a drama on Mortara for which he started looking for locales in Italy, according to 'Variety'.

It also won a series of awards earlier this month, including best director at Italy's David Awards, the nation's highest cinema honours.

Bellocchio explained to 'Variety' how his approach to the narrative is different, saying, “Working with writer-director Susanna Nicchiarelli, who created historical films 'Nico, 1988', 'Miss Marx', and 'Chiara', we utilised various novels as references, but we also used lots of records. We spent a lot of time creating digital effects to recreate that environment since the story is set in a no longer-existent Italy. But we also wanted to convey a genuine feeling of what happened to the viewer. The clothing and set design required a lot of effort. We made an effort to recreate the provincial Italian world.

He said, “We took great effort to ensure that the colloquial Italian dialects that the characters speak are really realistic. For me to make it genuine, the language precision was essential. Spielberg's idea most likely would have taken an entirely different direction. In English, he would have performed it. For us, it was really important to defend the fact that this Jewish family was residing in Italy.

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