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The whole list of disputes that have occurred since Elon Musk took control of Twitter in the last year is available here.

<p>Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter, which has now changed its name to X, in October 2022 has fundamentally altered how users see the microblogging service. However, a year after taking ownership, the issues and difficulties related to the platform are still there and unquestionably important, as described in the case studies. Here are all the significant alterations and disputes that Musk’s platform underwent.</p>
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<p>Elon Musk’s Unusual Overthrow<br />
On October 26, 2022, he sent a bathroom sink to X’s San Francisco offices with the mysterious instruction, “Let that sink in!” His unorthodox managerial style became more apparent after the extensive layoffs that resulted in the dismissal of more than 80% of the 7,500-person Twitter staff, including the then-CEO Parag Agrawal. In addition, Musk dismissed the safety and trust council.</p>
<p>Former Twitter CEO’s Legal Case<br />
Parag Agrawal and former policy lead Vijaya Gadde are two former executives who reportedly won their legal battles against Musk’s company and were awarded $1.1 million in legal costs.</p>
<p>In November of last year, Musk dropped clues about rehiring former US President Donald Trump on X. Musk suggested that Trump may be making a return by retweeting the president’s August mugshot from the American Fulton County Jail. Trump was accused of interfering in the election.</p>
<p>Twitter Blue: One of the topics that generated debate was the launch of Twitter Blue, which includes a blue badge and a number of capabilities including the ability to upload tweets and videos in extended formats. Additionally, Musk’s business has continued to offer some additional membership benefits and is now preparing to add two more memberships.</p>
<p>Modifications to Subscription and Verification<br />
Twitter, now known as X, deleted badges from legacy accounts and made substantial modifications to its verification process in order to promote its Twitter Blue membership, which costs $8 per month from verified users. Additionally, there are plans to expand the network’s premium membership levels.</p>
<p>X Monetization: Creator Revenue Sharing<br />
Musk announced plans for X to split ad revenue with authors for advertising that appears in between their articles in February as the platform struggled financially. This took place in July, and X paid creators more than $20 million.</p>
<p>Zuckerberg vs. Musk Cage Fight<br />
In June, Musk shocked the social media community when he declared war against Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a cage battle that never materialized. In reaction, Zuckerberg introduced “Threads” on Instagram, a rival to Twitter.</p>
<p>The “Everything App” is<br />
With the intention of becoming a “everything app,” X said in July that it will change its name to In addition to live streaming movies and sports, it would also provide digital payments. Musk defended the acquisition by saying it will safeguard free expression and speed the creation of the “everything app.”</p>
<p>The European Commission is looking into X.<br />
The European Commission has officially opened an inquiry against X for disseminating false information and illegal material. The website was used to disseminate terrorist, violent, and hateful material during the Israel-Hamas conflict.</p>
<p>Challenges of Misinformation<br />
According to a recent research, a significant portion of the incorrect information on the Israel-Hamas war is disseminated by verified people who are wearing blue badges. During the first week of the conflict, 74% of the posts on X that supported false or unconfirmed tales were made by verified users.</p>
<p>User X Declines.<br />
New SimilarWeb data shows that X Corp’s user visits decreased significantly over the previous month, dropping it to seventh position internationally, behind Instagram.</p>

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