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During Prime Day, Amazon employees at a UK warehouse will go on strike

<p>The GMB trade union said on Saturday that over 900 Amazon employees at a warehouse in Britain would go on strike for three days next week over a salary issue.</p>
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The Coventry Amazon warehouse will experience a two-hour morning and two-hour evening strike from July 11 through 13, according to GMB, which sent a statement to Reuters via email. It falls on the same weekend as the company’s “Prime Day” sales event, which is scheduled for July 11–12.</p>
<p>GMB Senior Organiser Rachel Fagan said that “GMB members in Coventry have repeatedly demonstrated that this fight will only end with 15 pounds ($19.25) an hour and union rights.”</p>
<p>The biggest e-commerce company in the world, Amazon, said that depending on the area, the minimum beginning salary for its workers is between 11 and 12 pounds per hour.</p>
<p>Amazon said Reuters via email that there would be no impact to consumers and that the Coventry facility does not directly process customer orders.</p>
<p>The Coventry warehouse employees reportedly approved of six further months of strikes last month, according to the union. The employees also went on strike from June 12–14 of last month.</p>
<p>According to JPMorgan, Amazon is anticipated to generate roughly $7 billion in revenue from its Prime Day sales, a 12% increase over what was announced for Prime Day during the third quarter of last year.</p>
<p>In reaction to inflationary pressures, strikes have been announced in a number of sectors in Britain recently, notably by nurses, teachers and transport workers.</p>
<p>The London Underground workforce will go on strike from July 23 to July 28 in a long-running dispute over pensions, job losses, and working conditions, the trade union RMT said on Thursday.</p>

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