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MCC Recommends Significant Decreases in ODIs After 2027, Additional Funding For Test Cricket And Women’s Game

<p>The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the guardians of cricket law, is advocating for more support for Test cricket and women’s cricket while also recommending a decrease in the number of ODIs beyond the 2027 World Cup.</p>
<p>The packed schedule, which also features T20 franchise competition throughout the globe, was previously brought up by a 13-member panel.</p>
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The MCC said in a statement on its website that the committee “question[ed] the role men’s One Day International (ODI) cricket currently plays outside of ICC World Cups, and recommended it be significantly reduced following the completion of the 2027 ICC Men’s World Cup.”</p>
<p>It is proposed that eliminating bilateral ODIs outside of the year leading up to each World Cup will result in a higher level of ODI cricket. As a result, this would free up some much-needed time on the international cricket schedule.</p>
<p>The MCC also suggested more financing for Tests in an effort to preserve the longest format.</p>
<p>The committee came to the conclusion that the sport does not presently have quantifiable statistics on the expenses of hosting a Test match among its member states after hearing about how expensive it is becoming to stage men’s Test match cricket in many countries, according to the statement.</p>
<p>It presented a suggestion for the ICC to conduct a Test match financial audit in order to give a better picture in order to remedy this lack of understanding. The ICC would be able to identify states in need of assistance by using this assessment of operating expenses vs commercial return.</p>
<p>“A separate Test fund, established to safeguard the sanctity of Test match cricket, could then address this need.”</p>
<p>The club has requested assistance from the ICC for women’s sports in order to expand internationally.</p>
<p>The group requested that the ICC develop a balanced schedule for men’s cricket beyond 2027. The committee is led by Mike Gatting, Sourav Ganguly, and Jhulan Goswami.</p>
<p>“The objective must be to secure a balanced, meaningful, and commercially viable FTP for all, which prioritizes bilateral cricket, finds appropriate space for franchise cricket, yet, in particular, supports the full potential of the ICC World Test Championship to be recognized,” according to the Club.</p>
<p>Gatting, who is spending his last days in the chair, said that cricket needed to press the reset button.</p>
<p>“The global game has to be reset. Too often, member countries are left struggling to make ends meet while running their cricket operations, as opposed to having a long-term, workable plan in place that secures the future of the sport in their nation, both financially and in terms of participation,” he said.</p>

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