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Falaq Naazz’s mother reveals the “real reason” for her crying during the onion task on Bigg Boss OTT 2

<p>One of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 competitors, Falaq Naazz, has recently made headlines. But it’s not only her on-screen persona that’s been making headlines. Falaq’s mother, Kehekshan, recently discussed her daughter’s emotional outburst during the onion job and the claims that she was invisible on the program.</p>
<p>Falaq’s mother said in a conversation with ETimes, “She did not weep since she had to eat onions. At one point, we went the whole month of Ramadan without eating. Falaq was somewhere between nine and ten, and things had gotten to the point where we were left with nothing but onion skins to eat. By eating those peels, my kid kept a fast. That upset her in the play. I was also triggered when watching the performance, and I started weeping along with her. One of the most trying moments of our lives occurred then. Kehekshan underlined that before making fun of others, people should take into account their situations.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-73864″ src=”×422.png” alt=”” width=”1559″ height=”877″ srcset=”×422.png 750w,×576.png 1024w,×432.png 768w,×220.png 390w,×84.png 150w, 1080w” sizes=”(max-width: 1559px) 100vw, 1559px” /></p>
<p>She said that Falaq likes to talk only when necessary and refrains from shouting needlessly. According to Kehekshan, their home environment, where they value peaceful conflict resolution and a clear head, is the cause of their reserved attitude. She noted that being polite and using one’s voice when required are nonetheless crucial in today’s society. Kehekshan emphasized that while Falaq’s dislike of slander and gossip may be seen as a flaw, it is really a fundamental aspect of her nature.</p>
<p>Falaq was asked by Akanksha Puri to consume five raw onions with their skins still on during a Bigg Boss assignment. Falaq accepted the test and succeeded in consuming the onions. However, she soon began to feel ill and ultimately puked. Falaq went to the doctor’s office in order to get medical help since she was concerned about her health. Later, she sobbed while giving Jad Hadid a hug.</p>
<p>Kehekshan thanked the family of Abhishek Malhan for their compliments about him personally and said that their deeds spoke for itself. She avoided picking on anybody or criticizing their background. She further stressed that Falaq did not make any remarks on Abhishek’s background, rather highlighting some of the behaviors that she had seen.</p>
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